Established in 1972, CDC Group is a diverse general contracting company specializing in underground servicing, road works, mass earthworks, storm water management and concrete works.
We are committed to maintaining and improving our services to surpass industry standards. While this involves many components, it is ultimately the work of our highly skilled team along with state-of-the-art equipment that delivers the exceptional quality we are known for. We devote extensive thought, time and resources to the recruitment and development of a strong, unionized labour force.
The dynamic of seasoned veterans and highly motivated young professionals allows CDC Group to be an industry leader in underground servicing.
We utilize an extensive fleet of earthmoving equipment to ensure the first stage of construction is undertaken effectively. The challenges of a broad range of grading projects are conquered by coordinating a wide range of versatile equipment, from single scrapers to articulating off-road trucks, as well as a full complement of track equipment. By combining an experienced staff of professionals with innovative engineering and technology, the requirements of any grading project are met and surpassed.
From road improvements to parking lots, residential roads to highways, our use of new and fully integrated GPS equipment provides accuracy, efficiency and cost control for customers. Our well-trained crews are dedicated to not only meet project requirements, but to exceed them at every level, ensuring customer satisfaction as a priority for all projects. The focus is always on the team approach, allowing our expertise and capacity to meet deadlines to become trademarks of CDC Group, appreciated by municipal inspectors and owners alike.
With an unparalleled labour, equipment and management base, we can confidently engage in any type or size of project, ensuring our valued crew works diligently to serve our customers across Ontario.











To provide superior quality contracting services to customers across Ontario, employing advanced technologies and solutions and an expert-level team for wide-ranging construction projects.



With 50 years of industry experience and expertise, we continue to uphold the high-quality standards we are known for and strive to surpass them with every project. We specialize in a broad range of services, diversifying our portfolio and skillset to suit a multitude of unique construction projects in Ontario. Combining innovative technology with an expert crew of skilled technicians, contractors, engineers, and staff, we can guarantee efficient, high-quality work across our wide spectrum of services.